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Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Search and Rescue expanding at Four Corners location

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Posted at 6:35 AM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-15 08:35:36-04

Gallatin County seems to be going through a construction boom; the county has plans for the Sheriff’s Office and Search & Rescue out in Four Corners.

Right now, the goal is to make a site currently serving as office space for the Sheriff’s Office the new home.

“There will be a considerable amount of remodeling and some addition into the new building,” says Gallatin County Chief Operations Officer Nick Borzak.

The former gun range turned Sheriff’s Office is ready for expansion.

“When we purchased this we knew there was a lot of potential,” says Borzak.

The Sheriff’s Office will see a remodel and expansion of the current building to accommodate the move, and then Search and Rescue will have a new building at the site as well.

“We’re looking at about 12 months and that would include all projects,” says Borzak.

Gallatin County Search and Rescue Captain Scott Secor says this will allow Search and Rescue staff to work one under roof, improving rescue times for the community.

“Work with our comms team and the command staff and search and rescue deputies all in one place where it can be a collaboration,” says Secor.

The Sheriff's Office addition and remodel is expected to cost around $6 million. The money from this portion of the project coming from reserves and the jail renting beds to other jails. The new Search and Rescue building has an estimated price tag of $6.5 million. That is being funded by a mill levy passed in 2020.

“That’s why we're expanding for future growth so it's not only for the needs of the Sheriff now but going forward,” says Borzak.

The county expects to see construction start sometime in the Spring; both projects are expected to kick off at the same time.