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Gallatin County Sheriff talks about steps taken to address wrong-way drivers

Wrong Way Drivers
Posted at 8:13 AM, May 23, 2024

BOZEMAN — Wednesday afternoon the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference to discuss recent issues of wrong-way drivers on I-90.

Sheriff Dan Springer led the discussion. He spoke about four topics regarding the wrong way driving incidents including engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency response.

Springer spoke about actions that have been taken so far, such as better lighting at interchanges as well as the niine wrong-way detection and warning systems installed at various locations back in April.

Springer says since the signs were installed, there haven't been any reported cases of wrong-way driving. Before the signs were installed, there had been 17 reported cases since the start of 2024. Four contacted by law enforcement, three arrested for DUI.

Springer also spoke about DUI arrests, alcohol safety courses, as well as what to do if you spot a wrong-way driver.

Future actions that will be taken to prevent wrong-way driving include ad campaigns to prevent drinking and driving, which Springer says is the leading cause of wrong-way drivers. Ad campaigns include, "Save a life. Please don't drink and drive" and "Wrong way—No way".

“This community is getting larger. We are putting that emphasis to try and save lives on these interstates and get people to start driving the proper direction. If they’re intoxicated, get them off the highway. And then if they are going the wrong way they’re getting notified, we’re getting notified, and they’re turning around or we’re making those contacts immediately,” Sheriff Springer said during the press conference.