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Gallatin County Courts building price tag $10 million more than expected

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Posted at 4:58 PM, Aug 23, 2022

Tuesday, Gallatin County Commissioners learned the maximum price for the Gallatin County Courts building.

Commissioners asked voters for a bond to pay $29 million for the courts building, Tuesday they learned that the maximum cost of the building would be $39.6 million

They say inflation, added with labor and construction costs, has led to the $10 million increase.

“We were not surprised and today was actually good news that it didn’t go up anymore from where we thought it might be going,” says Gallatin County Commissioner Zach Brown. “This is what governments, school districts, and projects across the county are facing.”

Commissioners plan to cover the $10 million with saved capital dollars, ARPA funds, and a $2-million bond.

“State law allows local governments to borrow up to 2 million dollars without asking for voter approval, so that’s just going to have to be part of our financing stack to make this all work,” says Brown.

Parts of the new building had to be altered to bring costs down.

“We eliminated the basement of the building and redesigned some of the secure access issues,” says Brown.

The County hopes to get the permit process wrapped up soon and hopes to break ground on the building in September or October. Construction is estimated to last 26 months with a goal of finishing in November/December 2024.