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Four Corners couple lights up giant Christmas tree for community to enjoy

The tree is 55 feet with more than 1,400 lights
Posted at 1:09 PM, Dec 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-22 16:57:47-05

In 2020, it’s all about finding some light in the dark and finding joy in the little things — but there’s nothing little about a fully-lit, 55-foot Christmas tree just south of Four Corners in Gallatin County.

Jane and D.H. Ward have lived in their home off of Zachariah Lane for around 30 years and wanted to do something special during the pandemic.

“It warms my heart that other people like it as much as I do,” said Jane Ward, showing of her perfectly lit Christmas tree.

“I guess I was in a bit of a down time, and I needed a lift, something different that’s never happened before. It was suggested to me we should put some lights on. And so, that’s how the lights came about,” she said.

The Wards have more than 1,400 lights strung around a tree in their front yard, which has attracted neighbors, carolers, friends and admirers from across the community.

“They come by and honk the horn. I come out and talk to them on the porch, and it’s been exciting for me,” said Ward.

Jane and D.H. say anyone and everyone is welcome to just swing by and see the tree.

“We didn’t send out invitations. It’s just here. And anybody that comes by tells their friends, and their friend would enjoy it just as much as we have,” said Ward.

And the couple says you won’t have a hard time finding the tree, especially when it’s lit up at night.

I feel very lucky, very fortunate, to be in this 10 acres here that we call home,” said Ward.