Medical experts warn against quarantine fatigue

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Medical professionals are seeing a trend they're calling quarantine fatigue as people grow tired of following coronavirus guidelines.

Dr. Doug Nelson, chief medical officer at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, said that he's seen it firsthand.

Several months into the coronavirus pandemic, he explained that people are becoming less vigilant in protecting themselves and others from the spread of the virus. He explained that oftentimes he's seen people in public not socially distancing and not wearing a mask.

While he understands people want to see their friends and interact, he reminds people this is not the time to forget virus guidelines. Instead, he suggested that people who are tired of the virus should shift their outlook.

"This is a time for spending time with your immediate family, with reading more, with appreciating life," he said. "This appreciating actually the good things that have happened across the world with the decrease in economic activity. A cleaner environment. People have been pulling together and singing out windows in Italy."

Dr. Nelson said that particularly with the increase in tourists in the Flathead Valley, he wants people to stay vigilant. Wash your hands regularly, don't touch your face, and stay socially distant when you can't wear a mask.