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Fitness experts share tips for sticking with your 2020 New Year's resolution

Posted at 10:20 AM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 12:20:30-05

BOZEMAN — Around 50 days into 2020 means it's crunch time when it comes to New Year's resolutions. The new year brings new beginnings for a lot of people, and MTN News checked in to some local gyms to see how people are doing with keeping their resolutions.

“Everyone sees the New Year as like a fresh start, so you know everyone’s motivated for those first two or three weeks. And then it takes staying in that habit to keep going," explained Eric Sebastian, Fuel Fitness personal trainer.

Keep going. That’s the advice Sebastian has for anyone struggling with their New Year’s resolution.

“The hardest part, most of the time for most people, is just showing up,” he said.

Kyle Wilson at Ridge Athletic Club says he made it a priority to show up after figuring out what was important to him.

““I always go to my ‘why,’ like why do you do something. Why are you working out to begin with is a big factor because if you don’t know why you’re doing something, you don’t have any motivation,” Wilson said.

And when Wilson noticed he started falling off, he remembered his ‘why’.

“For me, it’s a factor of what I do for a living, teaching tennis to a bunch of juniors, and trying to be inspiring to them and at the same time they’re also working really hard; that inspires me to stay fit,” he said.

So if you’ve already fallen off from your New Year’s resolution, Sebastian says to start again, but remember to start off small.

“A big reason why most people fall off is they try and do too much all at once, and it kind of gets overwhelming, so I just say set small goals, just take a few baby steps, and just get consistent with that," Sebastian said.