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Families celebrate Memorial Day social distancing at Hyalite Reservoir

Posted at 4:41 PM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 21:51:26-04

BOZEMAN — Monday was a beautiful day at Hyalite Reservoir in Bozeman, and for families who have been stuck inside for the last couple of weeks, it was the perfect place to spend Memorial Day.

“We just came up to enjoy the beautiful weather, and we have family in town,” said Matthew Flanhean.

“Just getting out since it’s nice out. It’s been kind of crummy for awhile, so we wanted to get outside,” explained Tyler Wisby.

Several families came and went, but there was a noticeable space between the different groups.

“Everybody keeps their distance pretty well. I’m conscious not to get too close to people and make them uncomfortable," Wisby said.

One couple even traveled thousands of miles to enjoy Montana’s beautiful scenery.

“On vacation. We’re actually from New England, the Boston area, took a long trip out this way,” said Tony Quadros.

A trip that was a little different than normal because of the current pandemic.

“We already booked the trip well before that happened, but then we had to switch a bunch of flights and we had to wear the masks on the plane. But we were basically going for it either way,” Quadros said.

But concerns were still in the back of their minds.

“Trust me, I was sweating bullets the entire time with this pandemic. But, I’m really happy it worked out. Kind of crazy to be traveling. I bet a lot of people probably think you’re crazy to be traveling across the states right now. But you it’s awesome we’re here,” said Meghan Ahearn.

The couple was surprised by how different things seemed here than their home.

“We’re just starting to open up in New Hampshire, so it’s a bit of a different world here. Things have been opened up for a little longer, not everyone’s wearing masks,” Ahearn said.

But despite the differences, the two were glad they could spend their Memorial Day in peace with everything going on.

“Just relaxing, enjoying the views, disconnect. I have no cell phone reception, which is awesome. That’s what we want right,” Quadros said.

Regardless of how you decided to celebrate, today was all about honoring and remembering those who lost their lives fighting for this country.