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Faith organizations partner with HRDC raising more than $139,000 for affordable housing

Posted at 4:34 PM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 20:02:11-04

BOZEMAN — Have you ever heard the saying it takes a village? Well, that’s exactly what HRDC is creating.

“Folks aren’t choosing this path. There are many things that contribute to someone needing to be on this doorstep that we’re going to provide them thanks to your support,” said Heather Grenier, the president of HRDC.

It was the support that brought everyone together Friday.

Faith organizations partner with HRDC raising more than $139,000 for affordable housing

The Gallatin Valley Interfaith Association (GVIA) donated over $139,000 toward HRDC’s efforts to fight homelessness.

“This year alone since January 6, people have perished in our homeless community,” said Connie Campbell-Pearson, one of the leaders with GVIA.

HRDC started their Housing First Village, a group of 19 tiny homes for people experiencing chronic homelessness.

“We may not have the same theology or the same philosophies, but on this one thing we do agree and that is taking care of our neighbors,” Campbell-Pearson said.

GVIA is made up of nearly 20 different congregations around the county and they’re the ones behind the large donation.

“There are no other ulterior motives. We’re not trying to proselytize or get anybody to… get a notch on our spiritual gun. We’re not trying to get any of that. We’re really simply wanting to reach out to people and say we really do care about you,” Campbell-Pearson explained.

HRDC is not affiliated with any of the faith groups, but nonetheless, their missions are all the same.

“Well all of our faith traditions teach us to love our neighbors and we all know that there are neighbors in our community who need more than they are able to come up with themselves, Jody McDevitt, another leader with the organization.

The first 12 homes will be ready to move in this fall.

For more information on GVIA, visit here. For more information on the Housing First Village, visit here.