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Ennis still planning to hold July 4th festivities

Posted at 6:39 PM, May 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-31 11:50:55-04

ENNIS — Due to the low amount of COVID-19 cases in Madison County, Ennis is still planning to hold their ever popular 4th of July festivities, which includes a parade down main street and a rodeo.

“It means an incredible amount to the town," said Ennis Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Marshall Bettendorf. "They’e very prideful of the parade. (It) really kind of shows you what a little town can put on.”

Ellawynn Morrison, a long-time resident of Ennis, is excited to know that the festivities are likely to continue.

“I think that the fourth of July happening will really be good for Ennis and I think it will help bring up the spirits," said the Chamber of Commerce intern. "Even with COVID-19, as long as we follow guidelines and continue to be safe."

Ennis is a town that relies on tourism, they rely on the income from the July 4th weekend.

“Economically it’s a huge boost to the town," said Bettendorf. "It’s probably one of, if not the biggest days for every retailer in our town. It also just showcases what is here besides main street and gets a lot of people to come back another time. (Holding the festivities) is absolutely economically driven, our town needs the parade.”

What the town is trying to do right now, is make it as safe as possible to have the events. Including, clearing cars from main street well before the event.

“We believe it’s important and vital to create a lot of space," Bettendorf said. "If you look at a picture of the streets empty, there’s a lot of space we can provide for spectators. We’re going to be adding two announcing stations to help spread people out. We’re going to be having volunteers that are going to be appointed social distancing sheriffs.”

Even with the precautions, people should know social distancing rules by now.

“There’s a lot of smart people in this town and throughout the country and everybody knows the six feet, try to maintain that," Bettendorf said. "Wear a mask if you want too. If you’re sick stay home. There’s a lot of self awareness that I think will go on."