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Eagle Mount hosts 9th annual Digger Days

Thousands flock to Belgrade's Gravel Park
Posted at 12:09 PM, Aug 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-25 14:09:19-04

BELGRADE — It was a giant kids' sandbox come to life in Belgrade on Saturday as thousands turned out for Eagle Mount's 9th annual Digger Days.

Eagle Mount provides therapeutic recreation and adaptive sports for children with cancer and people with special needs. Each summer for the past nine years, the organization has hosted Digger Days, which gives families and folks in the community the chance to get hands-on and operate some heavy-duty construction equipment.

Derek Seymour is an Eagle Mount participant and right-hand man for Digger Days organizers.

“I came Friday and helped set up and get ice and water and hats, and that stuff,” he said.

Eagle Mount partners with TMC Stone and Gravel who provide the heavy machinery on display. General Manager Ken Stoeber says it’s a strong partnership, and has been working Digger Days since it began 9 years ago.

“Last night we had the Eagle Mount kids here. And my last kid of the night, the parent came up to me when I was done and said, you just made my son’s year. That’s the most fun he’ll have until next year,” said Stoeber. “That makes you come back.”

Stephanie Uter, Eagle Mount event manager, says it's a day for "kids of all ages" to play on, honk the horns, and even drive the equipment.

“These kids can come out and they can operate these pieces of equipment and not only get excited about it but think about doing this as a career,” said Uter. “We also have wonderful sponsor booths that are doing activities with our guests here.”

As for Derek Seymour, he plans on working at every Digger Days event.

“My favorite part about Digger Days is everything,” he said. “It’s like Christmas.”

Digger Days is a volunteer-run event and all proceeds benefit Eagle Mount Bozeman.