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Critical Race Theory, equity hot topics at Bozeman school board meeting

Posted at 8:36 AM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-13 12:53:39-04

BOZEMAN  — There were more than 2 hours of public comments concerning equity, critical race theory and achievement gaps within the district at Monday night's Bozeman school board meeting.

“When you look at your core purpose and your long-range strategic plan, it is about all students having equitable opportunities for success," said Superintendent Casey Bertram. "So, does all mean all?”

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Superintendent Bertram presented an update on the board’s equity work at the beginning of the meeting, which was met by over 2 hours of public comment.

“I was also diagnosed with autism as a junior," one person said during public comment. "I firmly believe that updated equity policies will help people like me from slipping through the cracks.”

“I just want to share my experience as someone who doesn’t have any learning disabilities, any disadvantages like that going into an environment that really pushed equity and tried to make sure that no child got left behind, and unfortunately I felt like I got left behind.”

There were no policies up for voting surrounding the district’s stance on equity. It was tabled at the last meeting. Trustees continuously had to remind public attendees of their conduct at these meetings.

“We are asking that you please not express support," said Trustee Tanya Reinhardt. "We are a board. Your enthusiasm will not sway us one way or another.”

Which was not well received.

Critical Race Theory, equality hot topics at Bozeman school board meeting

Superintendent Bertram also gave a presentation from the COVID Advisory Task Force mentioning optional mask use and going back to school 5 days a week.

The next school board meeting will be Monday, July 26th.

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