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City Commission approves Blackwood Groves growth policy amendment

Posted at 4:57 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 18:57:15-04

The Bozeman City Commission approved the Blackwood Groves Growth Policy Amendment with a vote of 4-0 Monday night.

This moves along future plans for development on the 120 acres of agricultural land located south of Alder Creek Drive and east of South 19th Avenue.

A growth policy amendment was needed to pass in order to revise the future land use map designation, which could allow for a zoning change in the largely residential area.

There was lots of public comment sent to commissioners about the potential for commercial development in Blackwood Groves.

And Mayor Chris Mehl acknowledged the strains rapid growth can have on the community.

"It’s a good discussion to have but it’s very difficult, and a lot of folks are pretty happy with how things are and it’s difficult to see other moving here, and accepting that change or having to work with that change can be exceedingly frustrating," said Mehl.

Next Monday, the discussion will continue as the Commission reviews the landowner’s request to change the zone to a Residential Emphasis Mixed Use designation.

This would allow for mixed residential and commercial development on the land south of Bozeman.

City staff say the potential zoning change to this land has lots of public interest and anticipate a high volume of public comment next week.