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Chinook helicopter clears pickup truck crash on Billings rims

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Posted at 7:35 AM, Dec 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-03 11:11:19-05

BILLINGS - Hanser's Wreck & Recovery Network and Billings Flying Service worked together to remove a pickup truck from below the Rims on Thursday.

The pickup tumbled off the rims and crashed above Stanford Drive on Tuesday and authorities say the driver walked away from the crash.

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KTVQ photo

A Hanser's crew worked to get the car secured so a helicopter pilot could help lift it in the CH 47 Chinook helicopter.

"Big nylon straps capable of carrying 40,000 pounds," said Sara Haworth, Hanser's dispatch supervisor. "Had a lot of work to make sure that everybody's on the same page ahead of time so that, you know, when it comes time to get the truck moving and get everything going that there's no hiccups."

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KTVQ photo

"The difficulty with this one here was getting over far enough that it wouldn't catch the sandstone, and then we're also worried we didn't know what that truck damaged as it went off," said Ralph Hanser, Hanser's president. "And also we didn't want to get any rocks disturbed below that already were. We got a helicopter to do the job."

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The CH 47 Chinook is capable of lifting 26,000 pounds. Billings Flying Service management estimates the truck weighs about 6000 pounds.
The plan included working with the FAA for clearance and closing Highway 3.

"The fire department, police, the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Department, Highway Patrol, and of course Billings Flying Service, that couldn't have been done that smoothly without everybody working together."

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Courtesy: Arrowhead Marketing

"Safety of personnel, we lost two of our operators in October of last year so you know for us we take traffic control very seriously," said Haworth. "About six to 10 minutes, it was all done. Way safer for the motoring public, safer for the crew that was out there. Everyone got home safely. The skills of that pilot you know and just you know our crew. We have an amazing staff that worked out perfectly."

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Courtesy: Hanser's Wreck & Recovery Network

"Oh I love to watch stuff like that," Hanser said. "Very impressive company."

Hanser said the crash did not leave fuel, oil, coolant or any other environmental hazards.

Watch the operation in the video below:

Raw Video: Crashed truck removed from base of Billings Rims