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Bumblewood Thicket fairy village is back for its third annual event at Glen Rotary park

This year's exhibit features 20 enchanted fairy structures
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Posted at 6:57 AM, Sep 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-02 12:50:08-04

BOZEMAN — The fairies are back in Bozeman at Glen Rotary Park for only a certain amount of time. The 3rd annual Bumblewood Thicket Fairy Village is going on for the next few weeks with exciting new features. The Executive Enchantment Director of Random Acts of Silliness, Danielle Thomsen, is very excited about this year's fairy village.

“Bumblewood Thicket is a fairy village who that is here all year has been here for maybe hundreds of years, maybe longer, we don't know and that once a year, around this time the fairies decide to lift the enchantment that hides the houses so that humans can see it,” says Thomsen.

There are 20 different structures created by local artists all around the trail. These structures include fairy houses and businesses all scaled down to be the perfect fairy size.

“Local artists who served as our fairy architects to help the fairies make their dreams come to life and build these beautiful homes,” says Thomsen.

Executive Director of Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Chet Work, says he is just as excited for the fairy village and that it is not just for the eyes of children.

“It's anyone who's young at heart and we'll put it that way. I bring my kids every year but I may be the most excited about it,” says Work.

GVLT is proud to work on such a fun project for the community with their organizing partners.

“At GVLT we work to create and catalyze trails for the community. So we love partnering with random acts of silliness because they introduce so many people to this small trail network over a three-week period," says Work.

With this being the 3rd installment of the fairy village, the Manager of Parks and Recreation in Bozeman, Jamie Saitta, is excited for the project to be using the local park once again.

“The benefit to parks and recreation is just knowing that we're a part of something that is bringing people outside that is helping with their mental and physical well being,” says Saitta.

The Bumblewood Thicket Fairy Village is free to the public and open until September 18, so make sure you come to experience the magic while you can.