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Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport welcomes back Avelo Airlines with service to southern California

It’s time to say hello to Avelo airlines…again!
Posted at 4:13 PM, Apr 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-27 18:13:13-04

A new airline is touching down at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), making it a little more convenient for folks looking to reach a warmer destination.

It’s time to say hello to Avelo Airlines—again!

The communication director for Avelo, Courtney Goff, says they’re the only airline offering nonstop flights between Bozeman and Burbank, California. They began service in April of 2021 during some trying times.

“It was in the midst of the pandemic; we just had that second variant come out,” said Goff.

So, Avelo decided it was safest to say goodbye.

“We’ve been in communication with this airport, we told them we’ll be back”, said Goff.

And now?

“The time is right,” said Brian Sprenger, president and CEO of BZN.

Sprenger and others gathered for the announcement of Avelo starting service at the airport once again.

He said tacking on a ninth airline service is exciting for the growing airport that hit an all-time record of 2 million passengers last year.

“They saw the growth of our market,” said Sprenger. “The LA basin is a popular destination for Montanans. And obviously they’ll be bringing some people here as well.”

President/CEO of the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, Daryl Schliem, says the economic impact from Avelo reentering the market will be huge.

“Probably a multi-million-dollar impact over a few years that we’ll see,” said Schliem.

Schliem says he remembers a time when he and Sprenger were approaching big airlines trying to get them to take a chance on their little airport.

“We were told no for many years,” said Schliem. “Ten years for Southwest.”

But today, the airport is one of the busiest in the northwest region with airlines approaching them, like Avelo.

"Coming back, we’re already excited, tickets are on sale, and we’re already seeing bookings come in," Goff said.

Nonstop service will begin on June 28 with fares starting at $49.