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Bozeman Hot Springs to unveil new building next week

Posted at 5:56 PM, May 24, 2024

BOZEMAN — Bozeman Hot Springs is only a week away from opening its brand-new facility.

"When we tried to figure out what we needed, first and foremost for our customers, it’s locker rooms. The old building—I mean some of the bones have been there since the 1930s," Says Robyn Duffy-Carlson, owner and president of Bozeman Hot Springs.

"It’s changed from bathhouses to dance halls to roller skating rinks to what it is now," She says.

Since buying the property with her late husband Tom Duffy in 2013, Robyn has added three new outdoor pools, a live music stage, and now, a new hub for the business.

She says her motivation is not to create a rec center, but rather a wellness center that focuses on building a healthy community.

"Wellness has always been a big part of our lives. So, it really fit right into what we already believe. So that’s the direction we’re going into. We want to make wellness a lifestyle. We want to educate people on the hot and cold," Duffy-Carlson says.

And after making your way through a new and improved entrance, customers can visit the new café, serving coffee and specialty Italian sodas.

Tom Duffy passed away working as a firefighter helicopter pilot nearly four years ago, leaving behind the business and his family. But Robin is keeping his memory alive with the Tom Duffy Foundation.

"So, this foundation is being put together to help local area widows with school-aged children at home," she says. "And all the photos that are in this new building are all photos that Tom took. He had a love of photography. So, when someone purchases those, all of the proceeds go to the foundation to be able to do that for the widows and kids."

"I wanna be here for every single one of them to walk into. I’m super excited. I want to walk them into their locker room with the new showers—like, I can’t wait to show them the new showers." Robyn adds.

Customers can expect to see the new doors open Wednesday, May 29.