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Bozeman High School choir gets ready to rock out with Foreigner

“I was like ‘Oh I totally wanna do this—it’s exciting and an opportunity not everyone gets,” said choir student, Griffin Brokaw.
Posted at 2:49 PM, Sep 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-25 16:49:51-04

Foreigner, the legendary band behind hits like "Cold as Ice", "Juke Box Hero", and more is sharing the stage with a special guest, the Bozeman High School choir.

“I was like ‘Oh I totally wanna do this—it’s exciting and an opportunity not everyone gets,” said choir student Griffin Brokaw.

“Especially bringing it up to our parents, they’re like, ‘What?’” said another choir student, Sydnie Torgerson.

Excitement is running through the choir room at Bozeman High School as students prepare to hit the stage with Foreigner at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on Monday night.

“I love Foreigner—'Cold as Ice', 'Juke Box Hero'—that’s my jam,” said Levi Pufahl.

This tour represents the last time the band will be rocking out on stage together. The choir’s special appearance at the concert is a part of Foreigner’s historic farewell tour that is making a much-anticipated stop at the Brick.

“It’s exciting to get to go on such a big stage with so many people,” said Ginny Dunnington.

And according to choir director Jacob Malczyk, getting ready for such a big event has taken hard work and dedication from these students.

“We do a lot of warmups, exercises, we’ll sing—a lot,” said Malczyk. “They’re really committed, whether they’re in theatre, academics, AP courses, athletics, or have jobs after school, they’re the kids that do everything. Plus, they sing.”

What Malcyzk is most excited about for his students?

“For the students to see the life of a touring group,” said Malczyk. “To see what it’s like to live in a different place every night, to be on stage with people who love to hear you sing. It’s pretty electric to be in that space.”

Although the choir has stepped on many different stages and sung in front of many different crowds, students say singing with a famous band makes it—"Feel Like the First Time".

“It’s always a little different when you step on stage, so it’s just seeing how we adapt when we get up there,” said Solly Keegan.