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Bozeman group launches campaign to create fund for tenants right to counsel at city level

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Posted at 11:40 AM, Jun 10, 2024

BOZEMAN — The group Bozeman Tenants United, as well as Bozeman Deputy Mayor Joey Morrison, launched a campaign Saturday for tenants right to counsel.

The group is asking the city to set aside money from the budget, they are asking the city for full legal representation for tenants who face eviction, and for tenants whose section 8 vouchers are being taken away, they are also asking for legal support for those in dangerous living conditions, and appeals by lawyers if they see a chance of winning a case.

“So those are the types of conversations that we're having at the at City Hall right now about man. What is this is already a tighter budget. And so what things are possible? What things do we need to potentially set aside a little bit?” says Morrision.

Morrison said he is still unsure how much money this would receive as the city moves through its budgeting process.

Local group launches campaign to create fund for tenants right to counsel at city level

“I would define success for a program like this as some sort of full representation program that is, that is allocated to tenants, within the city of Bozeman or potentially Gallatin County,” says Morrison.

According to the National Coalition for the Right to Counsel, there are only 17 cities across the US with the right to counsel for tenants.


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