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Bozeman City Commission reviews cohousing annexation project

Posted at 1:10 PM, Feb 02, 2020

BOZEMAN — Last week, the Bozeman City Commission decided annexation remains a city-wide priority in its Strategic Plan. That means the city will continue to look to acquire land that falls within city limits but remains unincorporated.

Next Monday, the Commission will review an annexation application for a unique project on a 5.3 acre plot of land of Wagon Wheel Road.

“The thing that distinguishes cohousing is more of the ownership component to it. And so that’s something that’s more on the private side,” said Chris Saunders, policy and planning manager with the city of Bozeman.

“From the city standpoint, we will make sure it meets all our standards prior to construction.”

Cohousing is a lifestyle and architectural movement that began in Denmark in the 1960s.

In recent years, more and more people are deciding to live in areas where there are shared public spaces and amenities with neighbors.

“This is the first time somebody has specifically proposed cohousing at all,” said Saunders.

The applicant is requesting an R-3 zoning designation, and that should allow for the flexibility needed for the project.

But the project is still in the very early stages in the eyes of the city.

“A key piece is that this is early days,” said Saunders

“The public hearing that the city commission is going to be looking at on Monday is specifically the question of should it be annexed and is the R-3 in general, not specific to cohousing but just in general, an appropriate use of the property.”

The Bozeman City Commission will be taking public comment on the annexation application at its next meeting on Monday, 6pm at City Hall.