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Bozeman car enthusiast explains how far is too far when it comes to loud mufflers

According to Bozeman PD, only 2 citations have been issued in the last 12 months for loud muffler noise
Posted at 8:51 AM, Nov 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-14 12:16:51-05

BOZEMAN — You've heard it around town---loud sounds and pops coming from cars.

In fact, last week reports of gunshots in Bozeman turned out to be noise from a car.

“Everybody is trying to stand out and it’s just a hobby that people really like to pursue,” said Andy Myers.

For some car owners, the sound of a loud muffler is a point of pride for the power of their engine, but there are limits to how far you can take it.

 Myers is the owner of Spazz Racing Dezyns and president of the Montana Drivers Club. He describes enhancing vehicle exhaust systems or “tuning” cars as a pursuit of perfection and a hobby many folks are interested in.

 You can hear them all around town--- sometimes leaving you wondering…’ Was that a gunshot or a car?’

Myers says he actually has people ask him to make their vehicle sound like a gun. “But it’s not a service I offer, it’s not good on the car, and I don’t like it,” said Myers.

Although Myers does tune vehicles to be louder and more powerful, he says there’s a line folks are crossing. “It’s just distasteful for the entire car community,” said Myers.

 And lately, it’s been getting them in trouble.

“I’m a part of a group that meets in town pretty regularly and because of the actions of a few individuals, we’re now being harassed by the Bozeman PD,” said Myers.

According to the Bozeman Police Department, only 2 citations have been issued in the last 12 months for loud muffler noise. The sheriff's office hasn’t issued any this year but has investigated gunshot sounds from a car.

 “I understand that people don’t like it and the car community at large doesn’t like it either,” said Myers.

 And he encourages the car community to be mindful and respectful. “We have car meets in the summertime,” said Myers. “If you want to come out and be a hooligan within reason, that’s acceptable---There’s a time and a place, so please, be responsible.”