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Boom or Bust? Gallatin Valley firework stands adjust to inflation challenges

Posted at 10:02 PM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-02 00:02:23-04

BOZEMAN — Rockets aren't the only things shooting up this Independence Day.

Inflation is skyrocketing, but firework stands in Gallatin County are geared up and ready for the fast-approaching 4th of July holiday. They are no stranger to the increase in product prices such as gas and groceries.

Several fireworks stands in the county spoke to us about rising prices and the challenges facing fans of colorful displays.

“Just like everything else, like gas and everything else, they’ve gone up,” Sandi Mabbott of TNT Fireworks stated.

Izabella Roullier of 406 Wholesale Fireworks also said: “Like everything else, things will still be priced up a little bit”

Fortunately, for some stands, price increases are not too prominent, but still there.

“I feel like for the most part, we haven’t experienced too much price up, like price marked up, just on a few individual things but not the whole store which is really fortunate for us,” Roullier said.

Although inflation is high, considering the ban on fireworks last year, Gallatin County residents and firework stand workers seem to be optimistic for the upcoming holiday.

"With inflation, this might sound counter-intuitive, but like more people are going to be staying home so, therefore, they are going to want to have their own show,” said Roullier.

“I think inflation is so much,” Mabbott said, “and because we didn’t get to do fireworks last year, I think everybody is just excited to do them this year”

Stands are even still hopeful for a sold-out year.

“We’ve sold out here before, and I think we’re definitely heading that way this year for sure,” said Roullier.