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'Bike, Trike, and Skate' Chalk-Track debuting in Bozeman

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 10:58:03-04

Bozeman may seem like an unlikely setting for a racetrack, but a ‘chalk track’ fits right in. The parking lot of Pilgrim Congressional Church Parking lot plays host to plenty of twists and turns.

Opening the track to the public on July 5, the "parkway" will be open to little racers until August 31, giving the community plenty of opportunities to try their luck. Not only will the church manage the track, but will also be hosting family movie nights, concerts, poem reads, and meditation days.

“For the kids in the neighborhood, we thought it would be really fun to put this racetrack out. We would just love kids to come out and hang out,” said Wendy Morical, moderator for the Pilgrim Congressional Church.

bike and trike gif.gif

Morical credits church member Kate Bryan for creating the idea of a summer series. This series includes the chalk race track that tours around the lower parking lot.

“What’s fun is that they can add to it because the chalk is here, so if someone feels the need they can bust out their inner NASCAR, they can design it a little more,” Morical said.

Their opening day was "a real hit," and the drawings that were made may have been cleaned up by the rain—but they created a new canvas for young, local talent, Morical said.