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Bezos Day 1 Families Fund awards HRDC $5 million grant, the largest in its 48-year history

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Posted at 7:19 AM, Nov 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-23 09:19:46-05

More than 40 nonprofit organizations from across the country were awarded millions of dollars in grants. HRDC was one of those groups which received $5 million, the largest grant in its 48-year history.

“Honored to have been in that club,” says CEO and President of HRDC Heather Grenier.

The grant is a part of the Day 1 Families Fund which was launched by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who awarded $123.5 million dollars across the county. HRDC received $5 million of that money.

“Half of it will go to help build out a family-specific portion of our shelter that we're working on,” says Grenier.

The money will push them closer to their $15 million goal needed to kick off construction on phase two of their community commons which will feature a year-round shelter. Now they are just $1 million shy of their goal.

“Two and a half million dollars closer to that goal,” says Grenier.

Grenier says that the money comes at a time when the area is seeing an increase in need.

“One of the biggest needs we're seeing is increasing families experiencing homelessness,” says Grenier.

HRDC says the number of people that are experiencing homelessness has increased nearly 50% in the Gallatin Valley.

“We are working with over about 140 families that are living in cars or campers or RV’s,” says Grenier.

The other two and a half million will be used for other more basic needs which they provide on a daily basis.

“Whether we can help them with their rent or help them with their utilities or help them with their food, but housing is obviously the biggest,” says Grenier.

The money will be awarded to HRDC over a 5-year period.