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AED devices in the Bozeman School District

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Posted at 10:58 AM, Mar 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 12:58:40-04

“We are lucky we have an AED in every one of our buildings,” said Rebecca Spear, the district nurse for Bozeman School District.

An AED has never had to be used in the Bozeman School District. In 2010, the implementation of these devices district-wide went into action.

“It’s not required by Montana Law, however, it was something that we felt was something important to have in our district so our board adopted policies,” said Chad Berg, director of special education and student health for Bozeman School District.

Throughout the Bozeman School District, AEDs — or Automated Electronic Defibrillators – can be found mounted on the wall, or even remotely with one of the athletic trainers.

“When it does come to a cardiac arrest, seconds are important!” said Brooke Heller, head athletic trainer at Gallatin High School.

In a high-pressure situation, like a cardiac event, Mark Meredith, an athletic trainer at Bozeman High School says not to be intimidated by an AED.

“If you feel you have to use it grab it even if you’re running and feel like you have t! The idea is pulling it out, opening it up and it’ll give you instructions,” Meredith said.

Q Rothing, owner of Jolt CPR notes that technology has come a long way when it comes to AEDs. He also encourages anyone and everyone to participate in AED training.

“I’ve been in a hand full of emergencies, and if not for the certification or you just think it’s a good idea, do it for the sake of being able to respond to a variety of medical emergencies,” Rothing said.