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A Timeline through Tapestries at the Gallatin History Museum

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Aug 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-05 20:27:09-04

BOZEMAN — Through the eye of a needle, the Gallatin History Museum and the Gallatin County community have collaborated to create ‘The Gallatin County Tapestry Project’.

Iconic moments in time captured on panels are displayed around the museum accompanied by excerpts of context regarding the different pieces. From Gallatin Gateway to the Baxter Hotel, Old Faithful, and the Bozeman Roundup, and 31 other moments in Gallatin County history.

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“A sense of community is what we were going for because this was a project that was born out of this time we had to be apart with Covid,” Kelly Hartman said.

Kelly Hartman is the museum curator and was inspired by a trip to London, England, where she viewed the Mount Felix Tapestry. During the Covid crisis, a realization struck Hartman, ‘this project had been waiting for a moment like this,’ Hartman said.

“It was hard to pick and choose which pieces of history would win a spot for a tapestry. So much so, that the original 10 panes went up to 35, and we are looking to do more,” Hartman.

With an ignited passion and joy of thread, plans look promising for the future of this exhibit. Expansions to include neighboring communities, such as Springhill and Belgrade, to even places that were washed away with time, Hartman said.

A Timeline through Tapestries at the Gallatin History Museum

Each tapestry combines elements of nature as well as an animal or person. A common thread to weave the different times in our history together.

A large portion of the tapestries can be found on the second floor of the Gallatin History Museum, and some are placed throughout the main floor to accompany larger displays. The Lewis and Clark Expedition now includes a tapestry depicting ‘Fur Trading’ and another depicting the explorers themselves.

A scavenger hunt has also been created to guide guests through the tapestries, accompanied by a book detailing each piece.

Additional Reporting by Donna Kelley - MTN News