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4-H kids excited to show their animals at Big Sky Country State Fair

4-H livestock shows a popular attraction for fairgoers
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Posted at 7:10 AM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 09:10:01-04

The Big Sky Country Fair is this week and there are many different events and activities to partake in as the fair goes through the weekend. The members of 4-H have been raising animals throughout the year and are ready to showcase their livestock this week for fairgoers.

Members of 4-H like Gracie Ward and Kaitlyn Pavlik are excited for visitors to the fair to see their livestock through their Showmanship shows. These shows require them to show that they have control over their animal and how well they have brought them up.

“So it’ll be featuring the cow, and tomorrow we have showmanship shows that’ll kind of feature me as the showman,” says Gracie Ward.

Kaitlyn Pavlik is also excited to showcase her pigs as part of another event within the Livestock arena.

“[I’m in the] Market show to see the pig and show the build and muscle and the density of it—and then tomorrow will be how well I can walk with the pig, and yeah, see how well I can walk as the showman,” says Pavlik.

Other Livestock events include several showmanships, a market sale BBQ, and several different market shows as well. For more information on Livestock events, you can follow this link for more information and the upcoming schedule of events.

Ward and Plavik are very thankful for 4-H and the opportunities the program has given them. Plavik really emphasizes the importance of the knowledge she has gained from this program and wants to let fair goers know how much 4-H has helped launch her debut as a showman this year.

“I had never raised an animal before, but doing 4-H has taught me so many different things. It’s taught me how to be a leader and taught me so many things that I can use in my life.”