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Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office takes back 70 pounds of drugs

Posted at 11:06 AM, Jun 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-11 13:06:23-04

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office collected 70 pounds of drugs at the most recent Drug Take Back Day, double the amount of last fall’s event.

There are take back boxes across Gallatin County for anyone to be able to dispose of prescription drugs at any time.

Sheriff Brian Gootkin said it’s a win-win for everyone getting these unused drugs out of homes.

“The scary thing is there’s a ton of prescriptions out there in peoples homes and that’s what we try to get across to everyone. If you have kids in your house, or if someone breaks into your house god forbid and you have all of those prescription drugs in the house that’s just bad to have those out in the public so that’s the whole idea, bring those in if you’re not going to use them and you don’t need them to bring them in and we dispose of them the right way,” Gootkin said.

Once collected, the sheriff’s office turns the drugs over to the DEA to be destroyed.