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11-year-old launches scoliosis support group, Curvy Girls Bozeman

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Curvy Girls Bozeman, started by 11-year-old Layla Weiss, encourages those impacted by scoliosis to find community and support.

“It’s important because girls, when they get bullied, they get so depressed that they don’t want to go to school anymore and that’s not right,” Layla said, “We need to make a difference.”

Curvy Girls Bozeman already has two members, and Layla is eager to expand the group. Layla was diagnosed with Scoliosis about three years ago when she was seven. Since then, she has seen specialists and gotten X-Rays and braces.

“I kind of go through a little difficulties with bullying, and just some boys make fun of me,” Layla said.

Layla’s parents, Scott and Christiana Weiss noted the confidence that Layla has gained through Curvy Girls, and how she has already connected with those that share a similar experience with her.

“She needed to find people like her,” Christiana Weiss said. “Her personality has just blossomed, she has had more self-confidence and has more self-confidence than I expected—being so young.”

Layla is the youngest leader in a Curvy Girl group, starting the process when she was 10 years old.