Gallatin County road crews plow through snow storm

Plow truck drivers work long, early hours in conditions
Posted at 10:57 AM, Oct 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 12:57:16-04

BOZEMAN — While many were prepared, this snow caught many other drivers by surprise.

And road crews are pulling long hours to clean it up.

“They’re slushy, snow-packed," says Bill Brownell, Gallatin County Road & Bridge supervisor.

Crews like Bill Brownell’s have been getting ready for this since July.

“The foreman’s been out on the road since 2:30 am," Brownell says. "He started calling employees in about 3 and all of the plows have been out on the road since 4.”

According to MDT, in Gallatin County, at least four slide offs were reported within just the first few hours of snowfall.

Including one on Baxter Lane near the incoming Love Lane roundabout.

The driver in this case was alright but had to wait for a tow.

Brownell’s crews faced problems of their own.

“You have guys saying how hard it is to see this morning because it’s snowing hard," Brownell says. "You got all of your lights on so you can see. Sometimes, that’s worse, you know?”

MTN News saw a few people already slip-sliding around, people trying to hit the stop lights just right.

They’ll skid right through them.

That’s one of the things crews are warning about: slowing down early, making sure that that mistake doesn’t happen.

Brownell says drivers tried to pass his plows in poor visibility.

It didn’t stop when the sun came up.

“They hate to be behind the plow and that’s the best place to be," Brownell says.

Those on-foot, like Amy Asay in Bozeman, found their own shovels.

“It was so warm yesterday and waking up, having to shovel snow was not expected but it’s all good," Asay says.

But it isn’t stopping her, nor Brownell.

His garage is empty for a reason.

“Just watch out and go slow and know that the roads are slick so be careful," Asay says.