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Truck thief drags Park City woman behind vehicle

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Posted at 1:14 PM, Aug 31, 2022

PARK CITY — Park City isn't the first Montana town that comes to mind for crime, but it was at the forefront of Onie Knecht's brain on Aug. 29.

"We heard the truck start and my boyfriend asked if I heard it, and I said it sounded like your dad’s truck," said Knecht.

It was their truck, and everyone who should've been able to start it was inside the house. Her boyfriend Troy rushed outside to confront the thief, and that's when things escalated to another level.

"The guy pulled a gun on Troy. I didn’t see that... I didn’t see the gun, because he was already in the truck when I got outside, but he did pull a gun on Troy, and that’s really scary to me because my kids were home. This is a little town, and we live in a little town because it’s a lot safer than a big town. And this is just not something that normally happens here," said Knecht.

Knecht also ran outside and straight to the driver’s side door. She grabbed it just as the driver sped away, held on and was dragged down the dirt road in a matter of seconds.

"I broke a couple toes and got a lot of road rash. The tire was rubbing on my leg and that was what ultimately pulled me down off the truck was that tire," added Knecht.

Knecht believes that the 1979 Chevy Silverado was stolen by someone they know because their spare key had gone missing and the car was started up outside without them knowing. After Knecht got up from being dragged, she and Troy rushed back inside where Troy started up a different car and chased the culprit. They believe an accomplice assisted in the theft.

"When I fell off and I looked up, I saw the car up there in the alley speed off and try to catch up to him. When my boyfriend was chasing him, that car tried to block him off several times from catching up to the truck," Knecht said.

No arrests have been made as of Thursday, Aug. 31, but the incident has been reported to the Stillwater County Sheriff's Office.

After the intense situation, Knecht is hoping justice is served to the people responsible.

"I hope we get the truck back, but I hope at least the driver gets charged with something for dragging me behind the car and all that, as well as the gun. That’s my hope because my kid’s safety was at risk," said Knecht.

First Look: Truck thief drags Park City woman behind vehicle