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Three arrested in assault with weapon incidents throughout Gallatin County

Posted at 10:16 AM, Jun 27, 2024

BOZEMAN — Over the last several days, three men were arrested for accused of assaulting people with a weapon throughout Gallatin County, including one at Bozeman Beach.

Bozeman Police patrol captain Hal Richardson says it’s the threat of violence that led to arrests.

“So if you purposely or knowingly, cause bodily injury or serious bodily injury or, or harm somebody with a weapon, which is also a weapon, or if the victim has reasonable apprehension that they will be harmed with that weapon,” says Richardson.

Three arrested in assault with weapon incidents throughout Gallatin County

52-year-old Jason Jones was arrested on Tuesday in West Yellowstone, according to court documents Jones placed his hand on a gun during a heated argument, confronting a victim in a threatening manner.

In a separate case, 54-year-old Christoper Cook was arrested by Gallatin County Sheriff's deputies. Cook reportedly told deputies that he followed a car down Huffine Lane and discretely pulled out a pistol in the parking lot of the Carpet Mill Outlet near the KBZK studio, witnesses say he waved the weapon in the air.

Finally, Ali Nehrir was arrested at Bozeman Beach for waving what looked like an AR-15 rifle at several people.


Several witnesses say they saw what looked like a rifle rather than a handgun. Bozeman police detained Nehrir just down the road on Manley Rd and Griffin Dr. According to court documents Nehrir told officers he had a toy gun in his vehicle. Officers discovered it was a toy gun that did not have an orange tip to distinguish it from being a real gun.

Richardson says if you encounter an incident like this get police involved.

“I would say don’t try and de-escalate. if you can remove yourself safely from the incident, that's the preferred response. And then just be a really, really good witness and be able to provide detailed information,” says Richardson.

Cook’s bail was set at $5,000. Jones’ bail was set at $50,000 their next court date is set for July 12th

Nehir was not able to be seen in court due to a lack of an American Sign Language interpreter.