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Law enforcement around Gallatin County saw a busy weekend: Multiple cases of alcohol-related threats

Posted at 1:47 PM, Jun 11, 2024

BOZEMAN — It was a busy weekend for law enforcement in the Gallatin County area, as they responded to several alcohol-related incidents that resulted in jail and court appearances for the suspects.

According to court documents, on Friday evening at around 8 pm, Bozeman Police responded to the Loaf and Jug off College Street, after a man reportedly threatened customers in the store.

According to court documents, Vincente Tamburina was in the store the day before, drunk, causing a scene. Allegedly, he came behind the counter, kicked a door, as well as kicking the door on the way out of the business, and claimed to be armed. On Friday evening, court documents state Tamburina came back to the store, threatening to stab people. He also reportedly stated he was armed with a 45-caliber gun and was going to shoot people. Tumburina reportedly fled the scene, but then allegedly returned a third time.

Officers flooded the area and located Tamburina at the intersection of S. 8th S.t and Harrison Ave. He was taken into custody at gunpoint.

On Monday morning, Gallatin County Justice Court reported a total of 16 people taken into custody over the weekend. I spoke with Sergeant Hal Richardson of Bozeman Police, and he tells me that alcohol-related crimes occur daily in Gallatin County.

Another incident involving the threat of firearms occurred Friday evening, at JR’s lounge in Belgrade. According to court documents, a man identified as Jesse Genetzky got into an altercation inside the bar. After the argument, he left to grab a pistol out of his truck, waved around the gun, then placed it back in his vehicle and proceeded to drive away. Police eventually tracked him down and took Genetzky into custody.

Another instance occurred outside Three Forks. An intoxicated man identified as Levi Martin is accused of threatening neighbors while drunkenly riding a skid steer. According to court documents, the man was on a neighbor's private property and proceeded to drive the skid steer at the victims. Allegedly one victim had a shotgun and threatened to shoot Martin if he did not leave. Eventually, Martin left in the skid steer. Soon after police reportedly found Martin passed out in the front seat of his pickup where he was then detained.