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Great Falls man charged with sexually assaulting a woman

Great Falls man charged with sexually assaulting a woman
Posted at 11:00 PM, Jun 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-14 01:00:17-04

Brady Anton Folmer-Blaine is facing several charges in Great Falls after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman.

Police were called to the parking lot of the Loading Zone bar on 10th Avenue South just after midnight June 5th, where they found a woman sitting on the ground who was "puking, and crying uncontrollably."

The woman (identified as "Jane Doe") told police that she had two drinks inside the bar with Blaine, and that she didn't remember leaving the bar or anything else until she "woke up" inside Blaine's pickup truck. Doe said she did remember at one point in the truck that Blaine asked her for a "blow job," and he tried pushing her head down to his groin area, and she refused. Doe stated she did not remember performing oral sex, but later reported her throat was sore at Benefis hospital. She said she believes she may have been drugged due to her level of impairment and the speed at which she became impaired.

Court documents stat that a witness said when he approached the vehicle he noticed Blaine had his hand on the back of Doe's head, and that Doe looked as if she was pushing him away (as if telling Blaine to stop). The witness also told officers he also noticed Doe's pants were unbuttoned with the zipper down, and Blaine's hand was inside her pants.

The witness said he opened the passenger side door, pulled Doe out of the truck, and she immediately ran. Doe's friends asked her if Blaine touched her without her permission, Doe nodded her head up and down as if to say "yes."

The witness said he then asked Blaine what they were doing and Blaine said, "Don't worry she got hers." The witness said he asked what that meant and Blaine replied, "Everything is fine," and then Blaine drove away.

A police officer later found Blaine's truck in the Burger King drive-through, with Blaine sitting in the driver's seat.

As an officer was reading Blaine his Miranda warning, he reportedly spit on her boot, and later during an interview at the jail, he stated "What, are you mad I spit on the
other officer's boot?"

Blaine refused to speak with law enforcement officers without an attorney present.

Folmer-Blaine has been charged with sexual intercourse without consent (felony) and two misdemeanors: sexual assault, and assault with a bodily fluid.