MSU sweepstakes encourages incoming and current students to get vaccinated

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Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 17:41:06-04

Montana State University announced a COVID-19 vaccination incentive program for students. In the form of a sweepstakes, students will have the opportunity to win daily or weekly prizes.

“A student can present proof of their vaccination, enter the sweepstakes and be eligible to win different prizes. There are weekly drawings for $5,000 financial assistance awards, and there are daily drawings for prizes ranging from ski passes to merchandise like coolers or camping gear,” said MSU News Service Director Michael Becker.

Becker added that MSU has been sending out postcards and notifications to students throughout the summer surrounding vaccination. This sweepstakes was announced a couple of weeks prior, and Becker says the first week they had nearly 1,000 entries.

“If we have 16,000 plus students, I would hope we have 16,000 plus entries.” -- MSU News Service Director Michael Becker

Student Randall Felton recently found out about the sweepstakes and will likely enter for the chance to win prizes, such as Bridger Tickets.

“College students like free stuff, especially if it’s nice stuff like ski passes and everything of that nature. I think that’s an awesome way to get people to want to get vaccinated,” Felton said.

A vaccination incentive program is not unique to MSU; the community of Gallatin County has offered a variety of programs throughout the pandemic. This sweepstakes will be catered specifically to incoming Montana State University students, as well as returning students.

The sweepstakes will last throughout the fall semester and is funded by the COVID Relief Fund that Montana State University was given.

“If we have 16,000 plus students, I would hope we have 16,000 plus entries,” Becker said.