Bullock issues mask directive as Montana COVID-19 cases rise

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jul 15, 2020

(Updated 2:38 p.m. MDT, 7/15/2020)

Gov. Steve Bullock announced in a press conference Wednesday he is issuing a statewide directive requiring face coverings in Montana.

A press release from the Governor's Office said the directive applies "in certain indoor spaces and for certain organized outdoor activities in counties currently experiencing four or more active cases of COVID-19 to slow the spread of the virus in Montana."

According to the press release, the directive requires businesses, government offices, and other indoor spaces open to the public to ensure that employees, contractors, volunteers, customers, and other members of the public wear a face mask that covers their mouth and nose while in these spaces.

The directive also requires face coverings at organized outdoor activities of 50 or more people, where social distancing is not possible or not observed.

“Many Montanans answered the call to mask up – a call that came from our hospitals, nurses, and doctors, our vibrant small business community, our frontline workers, and our high-risk neighbors,” Governor Bullock said. “I thank all of those who take seriously their personal responsibility and their role in stopping COVID-19. But we need even more Montanans, and the visitors who come here, to mask up.”

The directive does not require face coverings in these cases:

  • Counties with three or fewer active cases, or for children under 5, though face coverings are strongly encouraged in both cases.
  • Children under 2
  • While eating or drinking at businesses that sell food or drinks
  • During activities that make face coverings unsafe (like strenuous physical exercise or swimming)
  • While giving speeches or performances in front of a socially distanced audience
  • While receiving medical care or for people with a preexisting condition that would make wearing a face covering unsafe

The directive takes effect immediately. The Governor's Office provided the following further details about the directive's requirements:

"Under the directive, businesses, government offices and other publicly operating spaces will provide face coverings for employees and volunteers, and post signs stating that face coverings are required for people 5 and older.

Businesses, other indoor spaces open to the public and sponsors of organized outdoor activities may also deny entry, refuse service or ask any person to leave if they refuse to wear a face covering. If necessary, they may rely on peace officers to enforce the state’s trespassing laws if a person refuses to wear a face covering and refuses to leave the premises.

Local public health agencies and law enforcement should focus their enforcement of this directive on education, providing warnings and education about the risk of transmission, while reserving the imposition of penalties, trespass enforcement, and other formal enforcement mechanisms for only the most egregious, repeat violations that put the public at risk."