Bridger Aerospace makes face shields for Bozeman Health and emergency responders

The goal is to make 5,000 face shields
Posted at 3:21 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 14:10:33-04

BOZEMAN — It’s business as usual for Bridger Aerospace and Ascent Vision in Bozeman, conducting aerial fire suppression operations to fight wildfires across the country and make defense and aerospace equipment for the U.S. Marine Corps and Air Force.

“We’re always maintaining aircraft, upgrading aircraft, we’re manufacturing sometimes upward of $50 million a year on products for the Department of Defense,” said Tim Sheehy, CEO at Bridger Aerospace.

And while that essential work continues, people are manufacturing face shields to donate to health care workers at Bozeman Health to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our mission is always public safety to protect Americans. This is something that falls in that category,” said Sheehy.

“Family members of staff and office staff who aren’t always in the office right now have shifted to the production line to build these face shields.”

So far, they’ve made about 500 face shields. The goal is 5,000.

“This isn’t a million dollar air defense system. This is a 10 cent face shield. But it’s something we could make quickly and easily in our factory,” said Sheehy.

Masks are also going to emergency responders, like the Central Valley Fire Department.

“A small private company can move faster than any other organization in the country. So it’s incumbent upon us to invest and protect the communities that we live in.”