Bigfork School District to remove face mask mandate

Bigfork High School
Posted at 8:39 PM, Feb 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-18 22:39:42-05

BIGFORK — The Bigfork School District Board of Trustees voted 4-to-3 Wednesday night in favor of removing the district's mask mandate by March 12.

Board Chair Paul Sandry says the decision to push the date back was so educators will have time to make the proper accommodations.

“Based on concern for potentially at-risk educators and staff that may need responsibly accommodations and time for the district to address those accommodations."

Sandry says the accommodations can change from teacher to teacher, “could vary on the class, educator, etc.”

The rule will include allowing an educator who is high-risk to teach remotely or assigning another teacher or paraprofessional to oversee in-person classes.

Sandry says that while some teachers were a little hesitant, “educators were split on the issue.”

Some 62% of Bigfork school district parents who responded to a questionnaire indicated they felt comfortable removing the mask mandate.

The Bigfork School District has 88 cumulative COVID-19 cases among students and staff.