25 years of terror and fun: Anderson School raise money in a scary way

Posted at 12:24 PM, Oct 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-25 17:04:52-04

For the past quarter of a century, the 8th graders at Anderson School have been raising money and heart rates with a haunted house.

We recently visited the old red school house that once each year becomes a haven for ghosts, ghouls and more. All funds raised help the 8th graders travel to Washington DC.
The fun starts Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 and Saturday. You can go through the haunted house with the lights on from 5:30 to 6:30 pm and tickets are $5. The lights go off from 7-10 pm and tickets are $8. You can also get a Fast Pass and skip the line entirely for $30.