“You can’t make this stuff up!” MHP reacts to kangaroo-caused crash

Posted at 1:48 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 15:48:46-04

(GREAT FALLS) Two women were taken to a hospital with what minor injuries after a rollover crash involving a kangaroo west of Dodson along the Hi-Line.

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Finley told MTN News that he heard of a one-vehicle rollover on Highway 2 in Blaine County on Wednesday morning.

When he arrived at the hospital to talk with the two women who were in the vehicle, the driver told him she had swerved because there was a kangaroo in the road. Finley said both he and the nurses laughed, thinking the driver was ‘just out of it.’

When he arrived at the crash scene to investigate, Finley noticed a kangaroo in the ditch about 40 yards away.  The kangaroo was not injured, from what he could tell. Finley said he was told there was a kangaroo farm in the area, which is where the animal may have come from, but said he has been unable to confirm or locate it. He added that authorities do not know where the kangaroo is now.

Both women have since been released from the hospital; the nature of their injuries has not been disclosed.

On Friday morning, the Montana Highway Patrol posted the following message on Facebook: 

You can’t make this stuff up! Yesterday morning, Trooper Matt Finley responded to a single vehicle rollover crash on US Hwy. 2 west of Dodson. Trooper Finley went to the hospital to interview the occupants and the driver stated that she swerved to miss a kangaroo! Unsure what to believe at that point, Trooper Finley went back to the crash scene and did indeed see a kangaroo standing in the ditch. He later found out that there is apparently a kangaroo farm in the area. Trooper Finley wasn’t able to get any pictures, unfortunately, as it was dark, but he is still searching for the kangaroo farm and hoping for photo-op with Roo.

We will update you if we get more information.

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