New technology coming to downtown Bozeman parking garage

Posted at 6:19 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 20:19:10-04

BOZEMAN – The city of Bozeman is installing a new technology system in its Downtown Parking Garage.

The new system will get rid of the entrance gates and will install several cameras that will take pictures of vehicles license plates as they enter the garage.

Each person who plans on parking there for more than two hours will go to a pay station and enter in their license plate number, phone number, and planned amount of time their car will be parked.

The system will then send an alert to the person fifteen minutes before their time is up. They will then be able to add more time by texting back how much longer they would like to park in the space.

“It will make it efficient on several grounds. One for the customers, there won’t be the delays to get in and out of the garage waiting for the gates to go up and down and if the ticket doesn’t, you won’t have any of that. From our standpoint, it sure makes enforcement and monitoring the garage a whole lot more efficient,” said Bozeman Parking Program Manager Ed Meece.

The city hopes to also create an app that would let you request time from your phone. The new technology is set to be in effect the week of May 7.