New deputy police chief looks forward to making changes, improvements

Posted at 6:53 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 20:53:28-04

BOZEMAN – The Bozeman Police Department is hiring from within for their new deputy police chief.

A 19-year veteran of the force, former Patrol Captain Jim Veltkamp is Bozeman PD’s new deputy chief, taking the place of longtime Deputy Chief Rich McLane, who retired on Friday.

Veltkamp has spent time in the Patrol Division, Support Services, and the Missouri River Drug Task Force, during his time with the department.

More than 30 applicants from across the nation applied for the position, but it was one of Bozeman’s own who was the perfect fit.

"Jim and I have different styles, so I’m excited about that, that he’ll challenge me and we’re not exactly the same and so that will complement each other very well,” said Bozeman Police Chief Steve Crawford. “Jim [Veltkamp] is very innovative and forward-thinking, and those are a strong skill set for him, and so I’m excited for that as well,” said Crawford.

Veltkamp likes what he sees from the Department already, but looks forward to making changes.

“I enjoy being able to improve our services to the community, and to be able to make things better for the officers and people that work here,” Veltkamp said. “I feel like I had some ideas and things I could offer, a lot of programs and things we’re already doing have a good foundation and a very good start, and I want to be able to carry some of those forward.

Some of those improvements Veltkamp said he hopes to make include a new records system, examining the efficiency of the department’s budget and funds, and making sure community outreach stays strong.