Bozeman Fire conducts Hazmat training with military support team

Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 19:51:06-04

BOZEMAN – Firefighters are required to train on many different levels.

Bozeman Fire’s Hazmat team often deals with unknown substances, and that was the focus of their training on Thursday.  

Part of the training was done by the Army and Air Force Civil Support Team, or CST.

"They provide similar to what we do, and they have a little bit advanced equipment, but it’s easier for us to train this way than on an actual call," said Cpt. Scott Sanders, the Hazmat team leader for the Bozeman Fire Department.  

Bozeman Hazmat also learned correct ways to mark substances as evidence. And these skills will help in joint operations.

"The main purpose is to assist them with how they are going to operate down-range and giving them an idea of how we operate. So, when we make major entries together we know what one another’s doing," said Tech Sgt. Beau Snellman, with the 83rd civil support team.  

The CST team is out of Helena and goes to different fire departments around the state to help with training.

The Bozeman Fire Department’s Hazmat team is made up of about 20 firemen.