Firearms in the workplace

Posted at 3:26 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 17:26:51-04

BOZEMAN – This week the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno California, fell under attack to an active shooter.

There is a lot of training happening at schools around the country because of these numerous incidents.

When it comes to possessing firearms at work, Montana business and companies make the decision.

"We would defer to any company to make that decision for themselves. It’s not against the law for us there are certain government buildings and federal buildings where it is regulated, but not in the general workplace," said Bozeman Police Captain Andy Knight.

However, if an employee notices, a co-worker having erratic behavior, making threats, or bringing large firearms to work, they can take some action.

"If they see somebody who might be experiencing some issues and it starts to get on their radar whether they should tell somebody, we tell them to tell someone," said Knight.

“A lot of times these situations can be handled in the workplace with management human resources,” said Knight, but the police department is also available.

"We do encourage you to report to the police our officers are trained to deal with people in crisis,” said Knight.

The department also has resources to get those in crisis help, which may alleviate the tension in the workplace.

The best place to check to see your companies policies on firearms would be in the employee handbook.

The Bozeman Police Department also offers programs for workplace safety.

If your company is interested contact the department at (406) 582-2000.