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Neil Patrick Harris’ family won Halloween with their amazing costumes, as usual

Neil Patrick Harris’ family won Halloween with their amazing costumes, as usual
Posted at 7:35 AM, Nov 02, 2023

Theater people always make it hard for the rest of us on Halloween. So can you imagine how hard it is having to keep up with an entire family of them? For years now, Neil Patrick Harris and his hubby David Burtka have been going above and beyond for spooky season, doing themed family costumes featuring their kids, Gideon and Harper.

As shown in a post from Harris’ Instagram (@nph), this year’s offering puts them (somewhat literally) in the pantheon of all-time Halloween costume greats. The family dressed up as Greek gods — and they look like they just stepped out of a feature film production.

The family clearly went all out on this one, and they even chronicled the photo shoot in a behind-the-scenes post over on Burtka’s Instagram (@dbelicious).

Evan Wittstock, the production’s hair and makeup designer, posted some of the shots on Facebook as well:

In case you’re not up on your Greek mythology, Gideon is dressed up as the speedy messenger god Hermes and sister Harper is Aphrodite, goddess of love. Burtka is dressed as ocean deity Poseidon and there’s Harris himself reigning on the throne as Hades, lord of the underworld.

Twins Gideon and Harper just turned 13 in October, but they’re clearly not too old to join in their parents’ fun, on Halloween or otherwise. Harris often features them on his social media, as when he’s promoting other projects like his newsletter, Wondercade, on Facebook.

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We don’t know how much time the Halloween shoot took away from Harris and Burtka’s judging duties on their Hulu cooking competition show (“Drag Me to Dinner”), but it was worth it.

In fact, the pair is plainly in a situation where they have to keep topping the costumes from the year before, and we are here for it. For Halloween 2022, they showed up as a quartet of shady fast-food mascots, which is a favorite of ours. But they’ve been turning their Halloweens into social media gold for the last 12 years. We can’t wait to see what they come up with in 2024!

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