Mild and dry pattern in place for Sunday

Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-12 23:57:50-04

Sunday Forecast:
Temperatures on Sunday will rebound nicely for the afternoon with highs back in the lower 50s for the afternoon.

BOZEMAN: High: 52; Low: 31. Mainly sunny for your Sunday morning with clouds building during the afternoon. Winds will be light and out of the south.

BUTTE: High: 52; Low: 27. Clouds build as we move toward the afternoon with a light wind and quiet conditions.

DILLON: High: 52; Low: 30. Sunny start with a few afternoon clouds and a light southerly wind.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: High: 46; Low: 22. Another cold start with mild sunshine for the early afternoon. Look for clouds to build for the late afternoon.

We had several records fall early Saturday morning. Butte shattered a record set back in 2009 (11° that year) falling to 3° and Sheridan clipped a new record bottoming out at 14° (previous record was 15° in 1977). West Yellowstone was the coldest location in the state dropping to -1° which was the same temperatures reached in 1997.

Two early season storms dumped loads of snow across western Montana. Most notable is Marias basin at 6600% of normal snowpack. The Gallatin range is at 304% of normal snowpack, while the Madison is at 295% of normal snowpack. The Jefferson range has a healthy 686% of normal snowpack. It is still early in the season, but the early snow in the mountains is impressive.