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Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Leggings Are Available On Amazon

Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Leggings Are Available On Amazon
Posted at 10:55 AM, Apr 07, 2022

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Whenever A-list, fitness-devoted celebrities share their beauty secrets, we’re first in line to take notes. So, when Jennifer Lopez took to social media to praise her high-waisted, butt-lifting Niyama Sol leggings, our ears perked up.

The multi-hyphenate star has not been shy about sharing her love for Niyama Sol leggings, and she has mentioned them in several tweets and Instagram posts alongside images of herself looking gorgeous while working out.

Here’s a flashback tweet in which Lopez gave a shoutout to her beloved Niyama Sol:

Of course, we are talking about Jennifer Lopez, who would look flawless in a paper sack. I mean, have you ever seen her not look incredible? (Yeah, me neither.)

She has also been open about her intense workout routine and her nutritious diet, so it’s obviously not just the leggings that make Lopez look fabulous in photos, like these selfies she posted to Twitter:

But cute leggings definitely help! And the best thing about Lopez’s favorite leggings? They’re readily available on Amazon, so we mortals can feel like superstars while working out — without spending a fortune.

The leggings from Niyama Sol are designed with a “no-slip waist” so they won’t slide around, roll down or dig into your belly. This allows you to freely downward dog in cramped yoga classes without any fear that your classmate can see your bum because the fabric remains in place no matter what kinds of wild contortions you wriggle into.

The breathable fabric comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and best of all, they are partly made from recycled water bottles.

Amazon reviewers rave about the leggings’ “stunning” patterns and the “superb quality.” One reviewer even said they think the design of the leggings is “kind of genius!”

Even though sporting these babies won’t make you jump higher or burn more calories, they are likely to make you feel great, and the power of feeling good should never be underestimated.

If you want to try these sweat-wicking leggings, here are a few of the lively colors and patterns you can select.

Niyama Sol Napali Barefoot Leggings


This Napali print ($55.83) is like a whole tropical vacation in pants form. You can gaze upon the beautiful beach as you do a forward-fold.

Niyama Sol Kyoto Reds Barefoot Leggings


The Kyoto print ($65.99) bursts with colorful graphic design elements. The vibrance of these leggings will help you stand out in a yoga class full of solid-hued legs.

Niyama Sol Tie-Dye Xray Leggings 


For a two-toned vibe or to channel your animalistic energy, try the Niyama Sol Tie-Dye Xray style ($69.99).

Niyama Sol Nami Barefoot Leggings 


The Nami-patterned leggings ($70.99) showcase a well-known wave design that will bring an artistic vibe to your workout session.

Niyama Sol Shibori Barefoot Leggings 


The leggings with the Shibori print ($57.99) lend a soothing, aquatic element to your attire.

No matter what pattern you pick, these pants will add a little extra pep to your step and a little whimsy to your yoga practice.

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