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How To Store Batteries To Make Them Last Longer

How To Store Batteries To Make Them Last Longer
Posted at 10:25 AM, Aug 02, 2022

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Toys, electronics, kitchen appliances, health and beauty devices and so many other items in your home require batteries that it makes sense to buy in bulk and have a variety on hand. But if you don’t know how to store batteries properly, it can mean wasted money.

How To Store Batteries For A Longer Shelf Life

Although countless people have been taught to do so, keeping them in the refrigerator is not how to store batteries. That’s because of the condensation that builds up inside, which can damage batteries. Experts advise that batteries last longest when stored properly in a dry, room-temperature setting.

Panasonic recommends leaving new batteries in their original packaging until you need to open them. Doing so protects batteries from environmental factors that might affect their power, such as humidity. Plus, if the terminals of loose batteries make contact, they can short-circuit.

Once opened, the best way to store batteries may be in an organizer designed to keep them stable, prevent them from touching and protect them from the elements. Most organizers can contain and preserve a wide variety of battery types. Some are portable, and others can be mounted on a wall for quick access. Many also come with a battery tester, which reduces the challenge of finding a good battery fast.

Following are our top picks for the best battery organizers.

The Battery Organizer And Tester With Cover 


The Battery Organizer brand’s sole product is battery organizers, which may be why this case has more than 14,100 ratings and 4.6 stars on Amazon.

“Well designed and sturdy product,” reviewer Howard NY wrote. “It solves the problem of searching for batteries when you need them. I see myself buying less batteries as now, all my batteries are neatly stored in one central location.”

This battery organizer costs $19.90 and can be mounted on a wall or tucked into a drawer. It features custom slots for 93 batteries: 45 AAs, 25 AAAs, four 9-volts, eight Cs, six Ds and five flat batteries. In addition, it also comes with a small battery tester that stores neatly at the top.

Comecase Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box


This waterproof, shockproof organizer and carrier lets you take your batteries on the go. It has more than 12,000 five-star ratings, with customers saying it is spacious and well-made.

“I bought the case to use while camping and herping, and so far it’s been great,” wrote reviewer JJ. “I love that there’s room to put A LOT of batteries in it, and the case still feels sturdy enough to hold the weight.”

The foam interior of this battery organizer has punch-outs to hold 148 batteries, although some customers disliked having to remove the foam from the cutout sections manually. The $25.99 product will organize 66 AAs, 48 AAAs, eight Cs, six Ds, eight 9-volts and 12 button-type batteries. You can also get different sizes, including ones that just hold AAA or AA batteries. It has a sturdy handle, four mesh pockets inside the lid to hold unopened packages and a battery tester.

Ontel Battery Daddy


If you’re a fan of products that are “as seen on TV,” you might want to check out this battery organizer, currently on sale for $16.99. It has 4.8 stars and more than 53,500 ratings, with customers calling it affordable and easy to use to store all of your batteries.

The Battery Daddy will organize 180 batteries, including 78 AAs, 64 AAAs, eight 9-volts, 10 Cs, eight Ds and 12 button cells. The clear, locking lid lets you check your battery stock at a glance. The built-in battery tester makes it easy to ensure your batteries are still good. It’s narrow enough to fit in a drawer and has a handle, making it easy to tote.

Still deciding how to store batteries? Instead of tossing your batteries in the fridge or junk drawer, you might want to invest in a battery organizer.

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