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Gallatin High School has grand opening, dedication ceremony

Posted at 6:19 PM, Aug 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 00:50:01-04

BOZEMAN — It’s been years in the making and on Monday, Gallatin High School finally opened to the public; they cut the ribbon and let people inside.

“It’s been a great ride for me, coming in at the tail end of this stuff," said Superintendent Bob Connors. "For the kids and future, what a great way to come to school. Not only that, the bond has allowed us to update Bozeman High and so that’s going to be a state of the art facility too. We’re really excited where we're going with education here with our facilities at Bozeman."

The brand new facility is a sight to behold.

“You walk in and it’s totally different than any building they’ve had in Bozeman, so they’re excited and looking forward to continuing moving forward,” Connors said.

Families came out, the pep band and cheerleaders lead the new fight song — and now, with the school finally open, it’s time to shine.

“With half the kids, it means twice as many are going to be able to shine and that’s that we’re looking for," Said Connors. "Give them the opportunities to shine, give them the opportunities that they may not have had in a bigger school and now all of sudden they get to step up and be their own boss.”