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Bozeman Spirits Distillery helping community by making hand sanitizer

Bozeman Spirits Distillery helping community by making hand sanitizer
Posted at 8:32 PM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 16:06:32-04

BOZEMAN — With the COVID-19 shutdown business are looking to give back in any way that they can. Here at Bozeman Spirits Distillery, they're making hand sanitizer for local organizations.

"We're trying to make it in bulk for hospitals, there's construction crews that need it," said owner Jim Harris. "We got some calls, some emails, some texts as distilleries around the country were starting to make hand sanitizer and we have all the equipment to do it."

Harris and Bozeman Spirits Distillery are doing what they can to find out who is in need of hand sanitizer.

"It's a cool feeling to call people up and say hey we got this, what do you guys need?" Harris said. "Our process right now is reaching out to those individuals and those companies to say what's your need. Do you need 50 gallons? What is it?"

With only being able to sell their spirits like a liquor store, as no customers can hangout inside, making hand sanitizer is giving Harris and his crew a sense of direction during these difficult times.

"It gives us a purpose right now, it's a cool purpose to do, to go help the community out give a product out that's in short supply and that's a pretty good feeling to be able to come out and do that," Harris said.

If there's any way that you can help, Harris said, just wash your hands.