Yellowstone Tipis blending luxury with nature in glamping experience in Gardiner

Yellowstone Tipis Glamping
Posted at 11:17 AM, Aug 21, 2021

GARDINER — There are tons of hidden gems located throughout Yellowstone, but have you ever heard of glamping?

Yellowstone Tipis located in Gardiner, is blending the best of both worlds creating an experience where stunning nature meets luxury.

“Glamping is a great way to get outside, and camp slash glamp slash enjoy modern amenities while staying in something so historical and beautiful," Yellowstone Tipis owner Sarah Ondrus said with a smile.

Ondrus, a longtime Gardiner resident, and her husband Patrik broke ground on this project in 2019 with intentions of welcoming guests the following year, but as many businesses will tell you, COVID-19 threw a wrench in development plans.

“2020 really - it hit us hard in all ways, whether it was our rafting companies or lodging," Ondrus explained. "Then, finally this year we got to finish it, so we’re excited to invite people here finally.”

But with the pandemic resurging, the idea of traveling is making many people think twice. However, for people still looking to get out and about exploring, Yellowstone may be your safest bet.

“Going into Yellowstone every day is 2.2 million acres of natural social distancing, so you can come back here, be comfortable, be spaced out - still feel like you’re outside," Ondrus added.

Their lodge will be completely finished by next spring and overlooks the property’s 10 fully furnished tipis.

And as a bonus, each one comes with its own bathroom.

“They’re 22-foot organic cotton tipis, which are treated for weather protection of course - ever-changing weather here in Montana," Ondrus chuckled.

As a town, Gardiner has been operating at about 400 percent this summer as people look for a safe escape, so if you’re planning to stay in North Yellowstone anytime soon make sure to book in advance.

“Tourism has saved our small town here in Gardner," Ondrus smiled in relief.

Yellowstone Tipis closes for the winter season on Sept. 30. You can find more information about their luxury camping on their website.